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Developers meeting Feb 14 2008

Expected Participants : Tigran, Gerd, Alex, Dmitry, Gene, Timur, Paul and Patrick

Fixes for -12 patch 6.

  • Replica manager fixes.
  • Ticket 2509/2515 : SRMv22 - Race condition with srmMkdir. Is fixed by Dmitry "make sure we check return code from pnfsmanager on mkdir and throw appropriate exception"
  • srmls reports '1' for files larger than 2G.
  • Ticket 2519 : SrmCopy push transfers from dCache to Castor failing due to file size mismatch
  • Ticket 2514 : SRMv22 - Set/GetPermission? in dCache
  • gplazma seems to loose voms extensions. This is understood and Ted or Timur will fix this before patch 6.

The patch will be created beginning of next week after Dmitry acknowledged that most of the fixes are done.

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