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dCache Developers Phone conference Mar 12


  • News from Jon
  • grid ftp mover problems for BNL. Movers stuck. It seems the connection is still EST. But the remote site is gone. Lots of entries like
    25731 A H {GFTP-dcdoor07-15subnet-Unknown-60666@gridftp-dcdoor07Domain:38646} 0018000000000000075676E0 h={SU=5439488;SA=52428800;S=None} bytes=2686976 time/sec=3784 LM=3783
    which don't proceed but can be killed.

  • failing transfer of a CMS CSA07 dataset from FNal->Desy (GGUS-Ticket: 33774)


  • Finished : so we go for the head again.
  • new release should be ready by Wednesday afternoon.


  • Possible gPlazma modifications.

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