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dCache Developers Phone conference Mar 26


  • DESY Atlas endpoint is finally ok. (Thanks to Dmitry)


  • NDGF wants to upgrade to -14 (so we need a release 14)
  • Please checkout Is this still correct ?
  • We need more information from the SrmSpaceManager in order to feed Pauls information provider. Paul will send proposal.
  • Anything missing for the Space Discussions (Dmitry, Tigran, Gerd). Will take place tomorrow 15:00. Dmitry will send proposal.
  • Phone conference for gPlazma redesign. Wait for ted being back.
  • New install scripts will be pointed to by 'deprecated message' while using old. (GERD)


  • What to do with Gregory : Gene will talk to Gregory : we would need a more detailed information in case of 'srm/urlcopy permission denied"
  • VTD version decision : install 1.8.0-14 at NDGF and watch behavior.

Future : Paul would like to discuss the following topics in the near future

  • JUnit tests
  • Log 4 j : guild lines : Paul will send e-mail. Comment are appreciated.

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