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dCache Developers Video meeting

Wednesday Juli 16, 2008

Participants : Timur, Dmitry, Vladimir, Alex , Gene, Ted, Paul, Owen, Martin, Tigran, Gerd and Art from BNL

Topics :

  • Arts progress on the 'horizontal SRM front-end system'. Next milestone will be a test system at BNL which we expect to happen before 2 months from now. Helping Art to setup a realistic test setup
  • Deployment and field testing of the new Pool Code.

CCRC will stay the recommended release. New new pool can only be used with 16 but 16pool may be mixed with ccrc branch. Plan : NDGF is already using the new pool and DESY will follow up next week (maybe). Maybe we can convince Jon to do the same to find-out if the leaking space problem is gone.

  • Operational Issues
  • Final arguments on coding rules (suggestions).

We got input from Gerd, Owen, Vladimir and Dmitry on that matter. Input so far : Special agreement:

  • Don't mix patches with stylish modifications.
  • Use spaces, don't use tabs. (4)
  • Any bug fixes planned for a possible new release.
  • Planned holiday/travel for the rest of the year.

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