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dCache developers phone/video meeting July 30, 2008

Participants : Dmitry, Tigran, Gerd, Patrick, Tanya, Martin, Owen

Collected topics :

  • Pressing Issues
    • Pin Manager
      • Ever increasing number of connections to database
      • Behavior if file not longer in pool (Solved in p9)
      • mysterious hang of pin manager for particular files.
      • Right now major sites have to restart the pin manager frequently ( more than once per day)
  • Preparation of 1.8.0-16. (Got in put from Gerd yet)
  • Some collected questions on gPlazma which I couldn't answer.
  • New problem with Atlas : They found out that the pin lifetime (file on disk) starts with the srm request not at that point the file arrives on disk. This is a problem if the staging takes in the order of the time, they would like to have the file pinned on disk.
  • After telling them exactly 1001 times, somebody seems to understand : "This morning we had this naive question: what happens if you do not pin at all? File should stay there as long as new space is needed and then garbage collected with some rule which hopefully looks like a FIFO (might not be optimal for random user access but on some extend it is for reprocessing use case)".

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