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dCache Deployment Phone Meeting Aug 8

Participants : gridKa : Doris, Silke, IN2P3 : Jonathan, PIC : Gerard, dCache People : Gerd, Patrick


  • Gerard needs to drain pools to decommission old hardware. This can't be done automatically yet. Gerd described a new pool module, he will introduce in the 1.8.0-16 which does exactly this job. The new code will be available in 16 end of next week. For now Gerard will have to use the CopyManager for the copy operation and has to set the file attributes by hand (actually by script).
  • For the Future, a tool is needed, which would redistribute files from existing pools to new pools to avoid having all incoming files going to the same set of (new) pools.


  • Still open ticket # 3331. Need to remind Ted to comment on it.
  • Jonathan will schedule a downtime at IN2P3 to upgrade the PinManager (patch 11)


  • Ticket 3347 : Sockets seem to stay open being connected to the Srm. Could be that 'srmls' takes longer than the client is willing to wait. So it closes the connection. But srm still is working on processing the command. (Just a guess). Doris will provide more information (Stack trace and memory dump)


  • Gerd encountered 2 pool code java deadlocks. He will investigate Monday.


  • Recommendation to upgrade to new PinManager

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