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Developers meeting Aug 13, 2008

Participants : Timur, Tanja, Ted, Dmitry, Gerd, Paul, Owen, Patrick


  • USCMS : It seems <C------X--> files are removed from disk despite the fact that they are pinned. The Pin Manager still contains the name of the pool. Timur will check the billing for p2p, restage and 'pool remove' operations.
  • OSG : Neha still has problems with installing dCache 1.8.0-15p11 through VDT. Pnfs is not mounted.
  • USCMS : The httpdDomain runs out of memory. This is obviously triggered by too many biling messages waiting to be stored in the billing DB. Dmitry will further investigate.


  • Customers noticed that globus-url-copy doesn't use the WriteToken tag to select a Token, even if implicitSpaceReservationForNonSRMTransfers is enable Dmitry will fix this.
  • Rules : Because using the write token is not an implicit space reservation but writing into an already existing space, the isrfnst flag doesn't need to be enabled in order to use this feature. Moreover, if the WriteToken tag is present, the RetentionPolicy and AccessLatency tags are ignored.
  • Feature will be fixed with p12.
  • While testing chimera, we found that the Chimera Cleaner only sends the remove message to the pools, but not to the broadcaster. Consequently, the space manager doesn't add the size of a removed file back to the token, the files was in. Is fixed, tested and presented as a patch.

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