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dCache Deployment Phone Meeting

Participants : Doris, Silke, Timur, Paul, Owen, Patrick


  • Every 90 minutes the PnfsManager is pretty busy for some time. Is there a way to find out what's going on ? Check the pnfs operations count underneath the thread information.
  • The pnfs plots are here and indicate that something is going on every 90 minutes.
  • FTS timeout at gridKa has been increased to 180 (from 80) CERN FTS timeout is already 180.
  • Apache threads have already been increased from 500 to ( > 1000 ).
  • Strategy : Doris will provide us with the information on which operation is happening every 90 minutes.
  • We may consider to upgrade pnfsd to the one Jon is using at FERMILab.

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