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dCache developers phone conference Aug 20, 2008


  • Vladimirs improvements to pnfs/PnfsManager/dCache.
    • Maybe Vladimir can briefly describe his work.
  • Urgent PATCHES to review ?
    • Patches by Gerd. Timur will spend some time to review.
  • New release
    • traces of 'remove of pool files' should be in.
    • patch to init script.
    • some patches of gerd still in the patch queue.


  • IN2P3 : gPlazma question by Jonathan (Ted) ? Will be answered by Ted his week.
  • NDGF gridKa transfer ? Seems to be a firewall issue.
  • Flavia : starting pin timer : on bring-online or when file touches the disk. Will be fixed.
  • Release pin by VO. On the way. Need changes at gPlazma and SRM. Planned for Sep.
  • Grid ftp 'ls -l' output format ?


  • Jon : Some Doors just hang. No more information yet. Timur will do full investigation.
  • Proposal
    • Add source of messages when deleting files on pools.
    • Report all commands on the Admin cell.
  • Ted OSG Operation : Chris Green (Fermilab is hosting the central server for collecting probe information) : Indexing the billing database. Tanya will provide the sql probes query. (Timestamp)
  • Doris : high pnfs load every 90 minutes (similar at BNL, every 20 minutes) Fermi encountered the same some time ago. Has been caused by clients.
  • Authorization/Authentication?. No feedback from anybody on Ted's proposal.
  • Future : one UID multiple group ID's. One DN/Role/Group(FQAN) may have multiple gid's. User Record : one uid, list of list of gid's, one user root directory.
  • Gerd Question : sound better at FERMI.
  • Gerd Question : profiling of srm authentication/authorization.
  • Gerd Question : Gerd is going to the atlas jamboree.
  • Gerd Question : New Queue for PRODUCTION PATCH.


  • We are preparing a 5 hours dCache tutorial for the gridKa school. THE European school for grid newcomers.

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