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dCache Deployment Phone Meeting (August 22, 2008)

Participants : PIC : Gerard, Pacco ; IN2P3 : Lionel, Jonathan; CERN : Flavia; dCache : Paul, Timur, Gerd, Gene and Patrick.

gridKa (Discussed prio to the meeting)

  • Doris provide sufficient information so that we found two different kind of pnfs delays.
    • Small peaks in the queue of the PnfsManager which don't cause trouble. They seem to be related to some dCache internal communication. We need another log file from Karlsruhe in order to verify the theory. Will do this on Monday.
    • The high peak is very likely related to high I/O on the postgres disk. We need input from gridka on the ongoing I/O. We propose to use some kind of I/O top. The postgres respond times are orders of magniuted higher than usual. This as well causes the significant higher number of CLOSE_WAITS.


  • Tickets :
    • 3402 "T0D1 Files lost at PIC" : Files have not been pinned after being moved by the CopyManager as this component is not yet compatible with the new notation of the files states. There is no indication that pinned files got lost.
    • 3381 "How to prevent dcache retrieve T0D1 files from HSM". This is a feature request. Please check details in RT.
  • Upgrade p5 to p11 at Sep 2., 2008


  • Tickets :
    • 3331, 3203 : All on gPlazma Authorization. Need to trigger Ted again.
  • Essentially In2p3 would like to configure the system as described by the atlas requirement paper. This would require to have ACL's on space token which is not forseen in the moment, following an agreement between dCache and WLCG(including atlas). We are currently investigation if it is possible to be compliant to the atlas requirements by using gPlazma and file system permissions.
  • Flavia will try to find out if the altas requirements are still required and if possibly somebody in atlas remembers the agreement we have with them.
  • Flavia is suggesting to use the minimum Space Token protection we provide, which is that the query of the Token Description is protected. It is not clear however if the query of Space Tokens by Space Token Description only returns those which owned by the requester. Timur will find out.

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