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dCache developers meeting Sep, 3, 2008

Participants : Timur, Ted, Tanya, Vladimir, Alex, Owen, Paul, Tigran, Gene, Patrick.


  • Minutes of the Friday deployment meeting. Atlas centric.
  • Altas recently recognized that the dCache authentication/authorization mechanisms are not at all what they thought they are. This is mainly because Altas is completely agnostic against information coming from non atlas sources. However, we could boil the requirements down to the fact that they really need some kind of super user, able to remove all files in the atlas file name space domain. I'm in contact with Atlas and Ted to solve his for now. Long term, having secondary groups and Acl's, this should not be an issue any more.
  • Question by Stephane (IN2P3) on srm transfer within an SE. From non-token to token space. They say it's blocking dCache. Do we have more information on that ?
  • FYI : Paul (reviewed by Gerd) nearly finished the pnfs dump procedure, which is identical to the pnfs -> chimera conversion script. It will end up here.
  • We have been asked to be present during the next GDB. Will be a dCache complaining session.


  • Tigran suggests to name the new release 1.9.0 in order to get rid of the silly number. Although I like the way we confused everybody by having 5 number for releases, I would support this idea.
  • dCache 1.9 feature :
    • New Pool Code, including 'pool draining sub-system'. (Gerd,ok)
    • Acl's on file system. (Tigran,ok)
    • Information system including Information Provider. (Paul,ok)
    • Release pins by VO. (Timur, still being worked on, but ok I guess)
    • Protect tape access from misuse by non production users. (Paul, first part done, work resumed after gridKa school)
    • gPlazma
    • Get rid of orphaned files.
  • Gerd would like to make the new pool code the default pool for 1.9.0 ?
  • Tigran is still merging the Acl code with the main trunk. If this is done I would like to cut the 1.9.0 branch from the main trunk. I'm aware that this puts more efforts on the developers. But we need to start working on the long promised release.
  • Open Tickets (I need to prepare this for tomorrow)
  • Patches
    • Gerds migration patch should be reviewed.


  • The topic of soft links and SRM has been coming up recently. Doesn't work if I remember correctly. Could be is fine for trunk. Only works with pnfs. Gerd will move this into the CCRC branch.
  • How far are we away from srm not need to mount pnfs/chimera. Srm needs listing. Best with chimera.
  • Upgrade of NDGF went fine.
  • Atlas FTS timeouts are tooooo short. FTS kills transfers too early. Is already a ticket in savanna.

CCRC Release

  • Pool Selection unit.

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