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Developers meeting Sep 24, 2008

Participants : Gerd, Timur, Dmitry, Vladimir, Alex, Tanya, Paul, Owen, Irena and Patrick

  • Plans for 1.9.0
    • Plan : having 1.9.0 ready this week. What is missing
    • Patch missing and RP AL issue might no be solved. Will use the CCRC solution for 1.9.0. Timur will talk to Tigran on changes in 1.9.1
    • Dmitry will provide release note for the client.
    • moved from trunk to 1.9.0 as well.
  • p12 and p7 clients will go into the CERN certification.
  • Plan to integrate Nagios into dCache. CERN may get access to the NDGF info service, if a valid certificate is available.
  • Nordu Grid provides patches for gridftp client for verion II
  • Owen will take care that we will have documentation on FTS inpatience.
  • dCache seminar end of the week. Agenda
  • Statement on release support of 1.8 and further.
  • Is the delayed launch of LHC is important for us ? No changes planed.

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