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dCache developers phone conference Oct 8, 2008

Participants : Timur, Dmitry, Alex, Vladimir, Tanja, Ted, Gerd, Tigran, Paul, Owen, Patrick and Anders(NDGF).

Preliminary Agenda :

  • Nagios and NDGF and Information system
    • Guest from NDGF : Anders Rhod Gregersen. Anders will make his nagios system available on the trac area. We hope to have a nice set of nagios tests/checks ready for the Nov pre-gdb meeting at CERN.
    • NDGF usage of dcache class in file system.
  • Mechanisms on having old and new pool in 1.9.x (gerd sent info to team list).
  • NDGF : Hsm Intergration system at NDGF uses disk area behind dcache having the dcache pool in-front being rather small.
  • Timur : Issue of no mover found. To investigation yet. Still scripts fixing this. Output of netstat of the door machine will be provided by Timur.
  • Getting the srm-delete using secondary groups into 1.9.(x>0)

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