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dCache deployment phone meeting Oct 14, 2008

Participants : PIC(Gerard,Paco), gridKa(Doris,Jos), dCache(Gene,Gerd,Dmitry,Paul,Patrick), SARA(Ron), BNL(Iris), IN2P3(Lionel), CERN(Flavia), NDGF(Mathias)

Generic Issues :

  • Flavia : Are Tier-1 sites available to run a deployment test suite on their test instances before updating the production instance ? If so, this test suite will be made available.
    • It is commonly agreed that this is a good idea.
  • Building a Tier I dCache mafia. Details : The November pre gdb meeting is supposed to cover technical issues in solving the experiment requirements at dCache Tier I and II sites. In addition, Jos is planing for an Tier I workshop in the week after the Nov GDB at gridKa to build a powerful group of Tier I storage people helping themselves solving problems. (Invited Guest : Jos van Wezel).
    • Result : The meeting is planned to take place in January having sufficient time to prepare. The meeting agenda will be extend by e.g. Tape access profile topics.

Operational Issues :

  • PIC(Gerard) : 3569(Timur), 3561(Ted), 3558,3541,3381
    • Ticket details :
      • 3569: PinManager too slow, how to speed up? (Gerard,PIC for Timur)
      • 3561: SRM "PutRequestHandler error" and "ERROR - Warning: user parameters for user User [xxx] have changed"
      • 3558: SrmBringOnline question (This is triggered by timeouts). Gerard will try with larger timeouts.
      • 3541: Usage of wildcards at units (PoolManager.conf), DONE (Dmitry sent an example yesterday)
      • 3381: How to prevent dCache retrieve T0D1 files from HSM
    • PinManager (3569) : Files supposed to be pinned seems not to be pinned.
    • An entry in the PoolManager restore queue may recall the same file all over again to different pools if retries are triggered. Just for now Gerard is going to disable retries.
    • Gerard would like to use wildcards in the PoolManager.conf units. Dmitry is going to ask Jon on input on that because he is the only one using this feature. (Jon, Dmitry provided an example next day Ticket : 3541)
  • Lionels issues from last Friday meeting. The issue didn't appear again. Paul is still investigating (With the help of Dmitry)
  • Ron(SARA) : Ticket 3818. There is a file which is not taken from tape although the information in level I are valid.
  • Iris : How do I get some doors be picked by the SRM more often. Just set the maxLogin higher than others.

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