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dCache developers meeting Oct 15, 2008

Participants : Gerd, Dmitry, Paul, Ted, Vadimir, Alex and Patrick

General Infos

  • Cern pre gdb meeting and CCRC 09 readiness workshop (who will be there)
    • First preparation : Phone meeting with Flavia Thursday (exp. requirements)
  • New working group : LHC Analysis (fast access to data using xroot)
  • Jos's Tier I mafia group meeting has been postponed to January.
  • Grid Ka will split off the Atlas instance from main gridKa instance
    • How about tape backend
    • How do we get the files back into the tokens without writing them with SRM2
    • Atlas will provide the numbers (amount of data tape/disk) to be moved till end of this week. We'll keep in touch with Doris, Silke and Artem.


  • Gerd is done with moving new and old pool code into the 1.9.1 and a first version of the release notes are available. Still the release data is Oct 20.
  • Gerd : In the same context : Release of PNFS. Without a new release, Vladimir's delete registration code in 1.9.0 is useless. 1.9 and 1.9.1 without new pnfs : no. If 1.9.x is used entirely (all nodes including head nodes) this is not a problem. Never us new (1.9) pools and old (1.8) PnfsManager : There is a risk of deleting still existing files. Jon is planing to use the new code (maybe) end of oct.
  • gPlazma / dCap changes in the trunk. Ted will check.
  • As soon as Gerd has created the 1.9.1 branch Ted may start moving gPlazma code from the trunk to the 1.9 branch.
  • How about having two SRM's for different VO in front of one dCache. Request id is no problem. Is possible !!!!
  • Paul : normalized access zone.
  • Paul : some questions on file states in the new pool. What are the different states of a file on a pool. About 8 states. We may need a new interface to present the new logical states of those file. Will happen AFTER 1.9.2.

Operational :

  • 3569: PinManager too slow, how to speed up? (Gerard,PIC for Timur)
  • 3561: SRM "PutRequestHandler error" and "ERROR - Warning: user parameters for user User [xxx] have changed". Ted will check.
  • 3558: SrmBringOnline question (This is triggered by timeouts). Gerard will try with larger timeouts.
  • 3541: Usage of wildcards at units (PoolManager.conf), DONE (Dmitry sent an example yesterday).
  • 3381: How to prevent dCache retrieve T0D1 files from HSM
  • Dmitry still analysing the lionel log files.
  • Dmitry is still testing new SRMclient. Will tell us as soon as he is done.

To Do :

  • Dmitry. Ask Timur if multiple SRM frontends are possible.
  • Tigran : publish new pnfs. Trunk of pnfs is up to date.

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