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dCache development phone conference Oct 29

Participants : Timur, Dmitry, Alex, Vladimir, Ted, Gerd, Tigran, Paul, Owen, Patrick

  • SRMRM with secondary groups. Should go into 1.9.0.
  • Status of Art's work.
  • dCap loosing messages talking to the pool. Regular high number of transfers on transfer page combined with 'no mover found'. Seems that the mover has been restarted. More information needed.
  • High memory usage on the pool. Unknown problems which are not related to NIO. Jmap output has been provided. Public 1.8.0-15p6 Java 5. As it seems, the jvm is trying to allocate more memory than available in the system. The question is if this is the NIO system or something else we don't know.
  • Release schedule.
  • CERN meetings. Agenda for the gdb and the rest of the week.
  • Phantom tunnel. Two problems resulted in the tunnel to explode.
  • Chimera Migration.
  • Fix for check-sum problem. Committed into all branches. 1.9.0-4.

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