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dCache Tier I deployment Phone Meeting Nov 18, 2008

Participants :, Timur, Dmitry, Patrick), IN2P3(Lionel,Jonathan), Triumpf(Simon), BNL(Iris,Jane)

Topics :

  • On behave of Ron : The fast pnfs fixed the srm performance problems. But now we see that nodes loose their pnfs mount on occasion. I am still investigating how this can be.
  • There have been no operational issues.
  • There rest of the meeting has been dedicated to the 'bulk restore issue'.
    • Lionel tries to find out if a set of stage requests can be delivered to HPSS within one connection.
    • Iris provided information on the BNL HPSS batch system (oakridge) which optimizes tape access.
    • Unfortunately Doris and Silke have still been ill.

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