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Regular developers Phone Conference

Participants : Timur, Dmitry, Alex, Vladimir, Tanja, Tigran, Paul, Gerd, Patrick

Topics :

  • The FTS people are offering to collaborate in improving the FTS - SE (eg dCache) interaction to avoid escalation of high load conditions in the SE. To our current understanding, it would be beneficial if the SE would indicate that it doesn't want to be bothered with requests for a certain while. FTS would then slow down or suspend the requests to that storage element.
  • How far is Ted with the gPlazma integration.
  • Feedback on Gerds Proposal : "Tips for composing releases"
  • Brians patch will be part of the Tape Protection
  • Multiple SRM endpoints discussion.
    • DNS loadsharing is on the way.
    • Different endpoint for different VO's
  • CERN meetings (last week)
    • dCache presentation at pre-gdb
    • Meeting with ROOT developers
    • Meeting with FTS people
    • Meeting with dpm,castor and the one who should not be named about spaces and quotas
    • Meeting with Alice on xroot
    • New analysis working group (completely based on castor and xroot)

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