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dCache developers phone conference Nov 26, 2008

Participants : Gerd, Paul, Owen, Tigran, Timur, Dmitry, Tanya, Alex, Vladimir


  1. pnfs release
  1. release of 1.9.2 Still merging. PnfsManager code have to be merged (Tigran)
  1. Make something like journal on pool side. Gerd: we do not need it. Control files is a journal itself. Rest is the responsibility of the file system.
  1. 1.9.0/1/2 are still compatible in sense of pools - different pools can be mixed.
  1. Srm will use pnfsMap message to check file existence.
  1. FNAL will run test on 1.9.2 on fapl
  1. Paul released pnfsDump with chimera migration + verification. Change needed to produce more than one set of output in one go ( e.g. chimera abd verification ). Code in pnfs SVN. Checksum migration supports only 'c' and 'c1' flags. Timur will send a sample level 2 with new flag (uc?). NDGF will start on Monday (01.12.2008) testing.

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