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Tier I dCache deployment Phone conference Dec 16, 2008

Participants :,Paul,Owen), IN2P3(), SARA(Ron), gridKa(),PIC(),Triumf(Simon), BNL(Iris), Fermi(Timur), NDGF(Mattias, Gerd)


Mattias: memory leak in doors

Gerd: patch submitted

Mattias: defective DN kills a grid ftp door

Timur: can we have details

Mattias: door was restarted, but some logs are still available


Iris: Pool collector groups - does collector updated automaticallly? or we need to restart it.

Gerd: Should do, but not always ( know bug )

Paul: can we have a bug report

Iris: sure


Ron : No issues to report


Timur: nothing to complain


Simon: we want to move to fast pnfs on the first week of jaunary. Is there some known issues?

Timur: fnal runs it more than one year. No issues found.


Doris: We updated to head node 1.9.0-7. Looks fine.


Lionel( offline) :

  • a couple of pools with size 2TB had nearly 4TB of data! this was after using command 'set max diskspace' on-the-fly. We will submit a ticket.
  • SRM has 4 breakdown in the last couple of days due to "too many open files". This is still under investigation. We are preparing logs for a ticket.


Next meeting in the new year ( January 6, 2009 ).

Thanks for joining.

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