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Tier I dCache deployment Phone conference Jan 6, 2009

Participants,Patrick), IN2P3(), SARA(), GridKa(), PIC(), Triumf(Simon), BNL(), Fermi(Gene), NDGF(Gerd)


  • NDGF Report : Pnfsd died once. (maybe the dbserver as well). Mathias will not further investigate knowing that NDGF will upgrade to Chimera soon. Mathias will send a copy of the log files.
  • Triumf : No problems reported. Power outage for about 2 hours. Services were shutdown properly. Afterwards dCache restarted without problems. Two pools didn't come back automatically. After manual restart the system behaved properly.
  • FERMI : Jon : Worried about SRM capabilities. Could like to have better access control on SRM operations. Timur will provide more detailed information.

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