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dCache developers meeting Jan 7, 2009

Participants : Tigran, Timur, Paul, Gene, Dmitry and Patrick


  • CMS Jon : An SRMMV cause directory tags to disappear after the operation finished. (Although the move didn't cross pnfs db's).
    • How can this happen. We are not sure what exactly happened.
    • Should we allow sys admins to disable SRMMV.
    • Should we disallow renaming moving directories across pnfs db's.
    • Quota for pinning and max lifetime of a pin.
    • Remove Vladimirs monitoring temp.
  • From deployment phone conference :
    • Ron still Ticket 4186: files staged from tape in a peculiar state.
    • NDGF pnfsd dies once. Was ok after restart. No further investigation.

Development Process

Gerds would like to address some topics on which we could possibly improve

  • Release policy : time based versus feature based. This highly influences the check-in process : Time based release process is preferred. Should be between 6 and 8 weeks. Process of committing will be proposed by Paul.
  • Patch Review processing. Patches should be assigned.
  • 1.9.2 is still waiting for some patches to be reviewed. There is one major patch review stuck.
  • Old pool code should go away after 1.9.2 which would allow to apply some pending patches. If Jon agrees to this (having 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 as a buffer with both pool codes) this will be approved.

Last Remark

  • In order to have the pool data migration tool to work with the PinManager, Gerd added a message to the PinManager informing it about the move. There is the PinManager action missing to actually do the reassignment of the new pool to the pin/file.

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