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Developers Phone conference Jan 21, 2009

Participants : Tigran, Paul, Gerd, Timur, Dmitry, Alex, Ted, Tanja, Vladimir, Gene and Patrick

Cleaning up tickets

  • Ron : 4186: files staged from tape in a peculiar state.
  • Gerd : 4163: dCache SRM does not work RFC draft and RFC proxies with VOMS extensions
  • Ted : 3964: Lost Cell Messages (This is still very unclear. Gerd couldn't reproduce the problem). Ted will try to reproduce the problem.
  • Flavia : 4154: srmExtendFileLifeTime returning fileLifeTime instead of PinLifeTime
  • Flavia : 4153: Null pointer exception in BringOnline request

Results from the Tier I workshop

Tanjy : new release

  • Recommendation to use the new pnfs as soon as it is available on It seems that 'resilient manager' and external scripts don't really rely on the return of PnfsManager if a file is not found. So the old pnfs manager is still ok to use.
  • There are still issues with SRM printout. It is recommended to us the System cell to set the logger and the printout level. The ROOT logger should be modified to get more messages.

Ted : new patch for new release Ted will run tests on his patches and then will provide the patched 1.9.2-2.

Gerd : questions about chimera There should be a new version of pnfs dump with an option for the destination system (either 1.9.1 or 1.9.2 and higher)

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