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dCache developers video conference

Participants : Gerd, Tigran, Paul, Timur ...

Misc :

  • Doris needs help for the split off of the atlas instance at gridKa. This will happen first week of March but she would like to do a 'cold run' this week. Missing information is essentially the tables for the PinManager, SpaceManager and the SRM.
  • 1.9.2 release :
    • gPlazma has been completely put into 1.9.2.
    • 'Release notes' available soon.
    • Doesn't work still : local 3rd party copy to local system.
    • One of the new jars has been compiled with java6. Ted should recompile with -target 1.6.
  • OSG is waiting for 1.9.2 vor vdt
  • Gerd will participate the next "Busy Storage Info" working group meeting and report the opinion.
  • Asynchronous srmls will be ready next week.
    • Improving the srm client behavior on srmls
      • Would be nice if our srm client return a warning that the number of
      • Warning that the maximum number
  • Request Tracker vers. Review Board. 8 against 0 in favour of the Review Board.

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