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dCache Tier I meeting Feb 24, 2009

Present, Owen, Patrick, Gerd), IN2P3(), Sara(Ron), Triumf(Simon), BNL(), NDGF(Mathias), PIC(Gerard), GridKa(), Fermi(Jon), CERN(Andrea)

Site report

  • Introduction : Andrea (Sciaba) and Elisa Lanciotti helping Flavia to give support to the experiments on storage related issues.
  • Lionel : Quote "The hot issue is the bug in the HPSS-dCache interface that prevents 'storageinfoof' to work properly. The consequence of this is that LHCb cannot use 'srmls -l' to get the locality of a file. This is a IN2P3-only issue so I don't want to go deep into details on this list. We are still waiting for the patch but in the meantime we have written our own java classes and it seems this fix works fine. We will probably deploy either your patch or our own before the end of the week."
  • Gerard : OK.
  • Mathias :
    • Tiggered a bug in 1.9.2. Specifically for sites using the GenericStorageInfo which is not the default. Gerd already fixed this. Waiting for review and commit.
    • Issue with srmLs.(Ticket 4339)
  • Ron : Ticket 4332 will be looked into as soon as Dmitry or Timur are available again. Should be end of the week.
  • Simon : Triumf reduced the number of FTS channels (From 10 to 3) still being able to sustain sufficient bandwidth.


Same time, next week: 16:15 ECT, Tuesday 3rd March