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dCache developers meeting March 11, 2009

  • Participants : Timur, Tigran, Patrick, Gerd, Paul, Valdimir,
  • Agenda
    • Asynchronous srmls and Testing. Committed to trunk only (will be in 1.9.3). Test with s2 functionality test ok, use case not yet green. Gerd is suggesting not to allow not more than 10 concurrent srmls being active. This has still to be discussed. There is not switch. dCache SrmClient? has to be modified as well. Old client doesn't work with async srmls. How about the other clients. OSG needs to be make aware of this approach. Dmitry suggestion : Patch the 1.9.2 client with the async srmls feature.Gerd is checking with ARC client.
    • Remaining issues with 1.9.2.
      • Gerd Workaround for set-permission problem.
      • 4365: [Fwd: Re: [] Should I worry about these exceptions in SRM log?] : NPE while attempting to extract/put authorization data using the persistent layer. (Need to be analysed first. May block 1.9.2)
      • 4363: [support] ConcurrentModificationException in SRM JDC (Not a showstopper, is also in 1.9.1)
      • 4345: Srmrm reports wrong in billing log (Gerd : I guess Tigran will know how to fix it - and maybe we should just ignore it, since it is likely already fixed in 1.9.2, Just the billing. Comes from SRM. Very likely fixed in 1.9.2.)
      • 4339: dCache srmLs protocol violation (there has been a review. In which releases did the code go?)(FIXED in all releases.
      • Unpleasant Exception output when running : log4j:ERROR Could not instantiate class [dmg.util.PinboardAppender].java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: dmg.util.PinboardAppender. Same configuration file is used for tomcat and for dCache. On the other hand the jar files are not the same. Timur will after I open a ticket.
      • On a related but not that important topic : When starting the srm server we get a warning which is irritating for the user : Unable to find required classes (javax.activation.DataHandler and javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart). Attachment support is disabled.
    • Remaining tickets.
      • 4362: "ghost" pins (Timur)
      • 4359: Java errors at /var/log/adminDoorDomain.log in Production&Test instances (Solved while writing this)
      • 4364: gridftp issues (Gerd is working on this, Answer from customer expected) issues with get or list with uberftp 2.1.
      • 4343: BillingDB NullPointerException in production (There has been a review going on, is it fixed where ? Still broken)
      • 4332: ThreadManager ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (Timur, Log files are available)
    • Is the date of the developers meeting fixed ? See Timurs indico page. Please find the modification team in an e-mail by Timur titled "dcache workshop page".
    • Use of the broadcaster for messages from pool to cleaner (Irina, Gerd)

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