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dCache Tier I meeting Mar 17, 2009

Present, Gerd, Tigran, Timur, Patrick), IN2P3(), Sara(Ron), Triumf(Simon), BNL(Iris), NDGF(Gerd), PIC(Gerard), GridKa(Silke, Doris), Fermi(Timur), CERN(Andrea)


None yet.


  • Site reports
  • DTNM
  • Shall we meet F2F at CHEP
  • Fast Pnfs

Site reports

PIC(Gerard) : Extending pnfs to have a warm spare. NDGF(Gerd) : Starting tomorrow with the pnfs chimera. Triumf(Simon) : Everything fine last week. GridKa(Doris) : Atlas instance was split off the generic instance. PoolManager has been running out of memory triggered by a high load of restores. May apply Jons p2p load balancer. Sara(Ron) : No issues currenlty. Atlas is doing reconstruction jobs at NIKEF. BNL(Iris) : Fine so far. dCache 1.9.0-9. The modification times are not changed on access. Tigran will find out if this is a known problem.


Andrea : How much do we profit from deploying fast pnfs : Different observations. Gerard : Planing to more to 1.9.1. Gerard would like to upgrade some pools to 1.9.1 and staying with a recent 1.9.0. Tigran will find out which 1.9.0 version is ok with 1.9.1 pools. Ron : Discussion on asynchronous SrmLs.


Will meet at CHEP. will try to organize a f2f and a dinner.