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Developers meeting April 1

Participants : Timur, Dmitry, Gene, Tigran, Vladimir, Paul, and Patrick (Excuse : Gerd is in Italy)

  • Operational Issues
    • Pool disabling caused by transfer failures (rt4430). 3'd party transfer where FERMI is the destination. Pull mode from remote into
    • Release of dCache 1.9.2 client rpm.
    • Jon plans to upgrade to 1.9.2. There is still rt4430 to be solved. Vladimir will do the initial investigation.
    • Remaining issues in 1.9.2 and pronouncement of 1.9.2 a recommended branch (it is a candidate for CMS T1 dCache upgrade this month)
    • OSG : (Tanja) 1.9.2-4. SL5 64 Bit Problem. Would be nice if Tanja would do some more investigation.
    • Latest dCache release not yet out to WLCG 1.9.1-7.
    • Vladimir's changes have submitted for review.
  • 1.9.3
    • Async Srm Ls (optional)
  • Future of SRM
    • Alex at developers workshop @ FERMI (Wednesday)
    • Meeting at DESY Mai 18
  • Preparation of the FERMI Workshop
    • Timur will modify the agenda
  • Next meeting Thursday instead of Wednesday.

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