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dCache Tier I meeting Apr 21, 2009

Present, Tigran), IN2P3(Lionel), Sara(), Triumf(Simon), BNL(), NDGF( Gerd), PIC(Marc), GridKa(Silke, Doris), Fermi(Jon, Catalin), CERN()



  • Site reports,
  • Are sites planing to migrate to Chimera?
  • DTNM

Site reports


All things are correct.

PIC will be upgrading to 1.9.0-7 in the next month and switch to new info provider.

Gerard is still looking into the SRM vacuuming option. The current deployment is working OK, but he wants to know everything is working correctly.


Nothing to report.


Don't have anything to report.

Currently waiting on some tickets to be resolved:

  • Support for migration disk-only to files to tape,
  • Hopping manager problem is not urgent: FZK has a work-around. Gerd: a fix has been committed. Just waiting on the next release.


dCache is working OK.

We had to upgraded dCache. This was to get a Chimera fix in.


In production everything is OK.

We're continuing to test the Chimera migration. We've opened a ticket about this.


No big issues: dCache is working well.

We've been experiencing dcap getting stuck. We're investigating this and may open a ticket about it.

IN2P3 are looking at upgrading to dCache v1.9.1 or v1.9.2. We're also looking at migrating to Chimera.

What are other site's plans here?

Are sites planing to migrate to Chimera?

Lionel asked what are Tier-1 plans for migrating to Chimera?

Jon reported that Fermi have no plans to migrate in the next two years.

Gerd: DESY should coordinate migration, as has happened in the past.

Lionel reminded people that the experiments will be testing sites in May and the beginning of June. They were hoping to test sites with Chimera deployed; however, IN2P3 will not be ready for this.

Marc reported that PIC are still testing Chimera, so cannot give any date. This will depend on getting Enstore to run with Chimera.

Doris reported the same for FZK: still testing and cannot give any planned date for migration.

Simon reported that TRIUMF are still testing. They have no plans to migrate.

The testing period should finish by early July. This should give us a window of between early July and September for any site that wishes to migrate to do so before the start of data-taking.

It looks like IN2P3 will be the only Tier-1 (other than NDGF) that may choose to migrate before September. Lionel will give a proposed date for migration soon if they do decide to go ahead.


Tuesday Apr 28, 2009 16:15 CEST