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dCache developers phone conference 27 May 2007

Participants : Tigran, Paul, Gerd, Timur, Dmitry, Vladimir

Tickets :

  • 4535 SRM crashed : closed after Ron followed Gerds suggestions.
  • 4534 SQLExceptions in SRM log (Assigned to Dmitry)
  • 4527 gsicap doors run into mem problems (GC overhead limit exceeded). Gerd will check.
  • 4533 Problems getting files from SRM.
    • Check for messages that the queue overflows.
  • User forum : Pedro (BNL) Pinning takes too long, resp. do we need to pin disk-only files ?

Development :

Releases :

  • what is finally missing for 1.9.3
    • Permission handler (Irina) Expected till end of the week.
    • Pool startup code : Gerd will submit a patch.
  • How to handle Jons quick hack fix of performance degradation.
  • Still problem with Jons systems and dcap write.
  • Release process of pre 1.9.3

Deployment :

  • Next GDB : Tier II support for dCache. Gerd agreed to go to CERN 9/10 June. (Patrick is on vacation). For this we need input from NDGF(Gerd), Germany(Patrick) and OSG (Tanja).

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