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dCache developers phone conference Thursday 4 June 2009

Participants :


  • 1 second delay in PnfsManager and 1.9.2 branch
    • Timur: revert the patch. agree that fixing in pnfs is better. Error can be reproduced by hand.

The question is: can we release pnfs? There are other fixes as well, but pnfs not released.

  • Paul: we can build rpm, but there is a risk to introduce a new bug.
  • Gerd: Jon run's a custom build based on trunk + 64 bit patch.
  • Paul: can jon test it?
  • Timur: we can test, Jon will install in July
  • Paul: is there sites will upgrade to pnfs-RC?
  • Timur: need to ask Tanja. Vladimir has a test suite + load generator. Is there something like that at desy?
  • Tigran: No, there is no test suite for pnfs.
  • Gerd: there is a patch which drops exception
  • Timur: there is other patches as well
  • Gerd: two patches on checksums - pool bug and protection on update
  • Timur: yet another release of 1.9.2?
  • Tigran: yes
  • Paul: + my patch
  • Progress on v1.9.3 release,
    • Paul: open issues?
    • Gerd: Patches from irina + patch from gerd + some small patches
    • Irina: replasing pnfsid to use paths : get id by path. UnixPermissionHandler? in 1.9.3 and 1.9.2 are differ.
    • Tigran: goal is to get 1.9.3 to be as slow as 1.9.2
    • Irian: acl will become slow
    • Tigran: thats fine
    • Gerd: xrootd door leak
    • Paul: NFS port issue?
    • Tigran: solved
    • Paul: any other problems?
    • Gerd: new jglobus test. Tigran runned all tests, but please check yourself as well
  • SRM not starting,
    • Paul: there is a command dcache-srm. For what ever reason you got ClassNotFoud?....or?....
    • Dmitry: normaly, on a startup you get an exception
    • Timur: we need ping to start SRM in axis, causes an exception, but srm is started.
    • Dmitry: tigran pointed to timing issue, but if it's 100% reproducable, then it's not a timing.
    • Timur: there is an paramert to wait in srm_setup.env: tomcat startup delay - default 10seconds
    • Paul: it's not that long
    • Timur: is there exceptions?
    • Paul: no, even catalina.out is empty. dcache stop srm && dcache start srm does not starts srm.

with manual ping every thing started to work.

  • Timur: kick start procedure does not start Does your host certs are in standart location?
  • Paul: hope so
  • Dmitry: try to run srm ping as java app from command line. Is it new rpm?
  • Paul: it's trunk
  • Tigran: have seen such effect, bot not always
  • Dmitry: try to ping by hand. Will double check
  • Paul: I will check is there something setup specific and will send an email
  • Paul: was reading about axis and tomcat and found a descripion hot to initialize WS without request
  • Timur: which version of axis?
  • Paul: 1.x ( may be :) )
  • Timur: SRM is an application inside axis, and initialized on first request
  • Paul: I think there is a way to do so, but never tried my self
  • Timur: we will have a look at it. Did so in the past, but with out success.

  • Currently open tickets,
    • Paul: Is there anh urgent tickets?
    • Tigran: no
    • Gerd: there is a request to extend billing
    • Timur: On todo list ( but it's quite long :)

Related: we do log all deletions, but we do not log deletions. Then we will have all information.

  • Tigran: we do not log what sweeper does.
  • Timur: we need to do so.
  • Gerd: agree. will implement billing message
  • Timur: we will add it into billing
  • Timur: what about SARA?
  • Tigran: downgraded to 1.9.0
  • Paul: will stay with it till September
  • Timur: probably problem with GUMS
  • Tigran: there was a problem in SRM, SpaceManager and dcap
  • Gerd: there is a message from pool to billing
  • Paul: Simon from Triumf has a difficulties with SPM paramet documentation.
  • Gerd: We knew about it. gole to reduce number of options
  • Timur: OSG meeting at the end of june with SRM presentation. Can add information into book

Related: there are some other questions as well. tanja collects information

  • Currently open review requests,

  • discussion on pin manager exceptions
  • DTNM


Proposed: next Wednesday 16:30 / 09:30