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[part of a series of meetings]


Patrick, Tigran, Paul; Gerd; Vladimir, Dmitry, Gene.


(see Table of Contents)

Progress on releases


Waiting on Irina.

Would like to rework it: we will have a lot of problems with it.

Implement this in all doors, stager, pin manager not to do.

PoolManager has a state machine. There is a method: nextStep(). This function checks if the next step is allowed.

Door sends msg to PoolManager describing which states are allowed.

Door will sent all bits (all states are allowed), unless there's a config file describing which users are allowed to stage (selecting via DN and VOMS).

Alternative would be for door to propagate uid and gid to PoolManager and for this to make the decision.

Info system, optional.

Third stuff is the mega-message, optional.

Currently xrootd door doesn't show up in the active transfers page.

Does this include pin-manager and prestage? Nope, the idea is to factor the decision. Two lines needed to enable support (one for initialisation, the other for requests). Need to add this to pin-manager and prestager.


Fixed, starting xrootd door fixed.

Hard to install 1.9.3-1 because of broken stuff.

Release tomorrow.

Items from Tier-1 support meeting

Pedro: HSM integration

May need to add extra information to support HSM.


The problems being reported at STEP09 debrief meeting.


Out of memory, IO exception trying to invoke external program. OS has exhausted available memory: this is typical problem if swap is disabled.


Unsure what the problem is. If file is on a staging pool then you see

Outstanding RT tickets

Some on the SRM, on standby.

Companion broken: ..

Outstanding RB requests

Java v1.6

Can we have make this a requirement?


Plan is to say we require Java v1.6 for dCache v1.9.4, but compile with Java v1.5 bytecode. If no one complains, later switch to Java v1.6 bytecode

Problem staging files

Dmitry will ask questions when he understands the situation better.

SQL exception

Gerd provided log files. Dmitry anticipates having time to look at these and provide some insight.

Tier 1

Tigran asked Gerd if he still sees a large number of exception in SRM log file.


Same time, next week.