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[part of a series of meetings]


Patrick, Tigran, Paul, Owen; Gerd, ?; Gene, Timur, Dmitry


(see Table of Contents)

Progress on releases


Tape protection is in.

Dmitry did changes and suspicion of a changes.

Didn't look good. Can't write test-case that failed.

It seems things are fine.

Cut 1.9.4 after meeting.

Gerd: one patch that he'd like to get in:

RB 396: checksum handling.

Paul to look at it.

With 1.9.3 we announced EoL for 1.9.0

Should we deprecate or announce EoL for 1.9.3 when we release 1.9.4

1.9.3 should be the CERN release as soon as possible; next week.

As soon as 1.9.3 is the CERN release, we declare EoL of 1.9.1 and 1.9.2.

How long will it take? about six weeks .. or two weeks.

When CERN takes 1.9.3, we declare EoL 1.9.1 & 1.9.2.

Issues from Tier-1 meeting


Pool dies. Same time the xrootd pools have started dying.

Pool apparently "goes away" CPU very busy. Most of the time it comes back.

Xrootd mover uses lot of small buffers. Not likely to be the CRC calculation.

Gerd is continuing on the xrootd mover reimplementation.

open call

Sometimes the open call fails sometimes.

More investigation needed.

pool running out of space

With XFS filesystem, this was with the pools were too close to the filesystem limit. Likely due to metadata, padding, etc.

Java 1.6, patch monitor the amount of free space.

Tigran to update init scripts to check for Java v1.6

News from FZK

Creating a new CMS instance with Chimera

Step09 positive for PNFS.

Review of important tickets

Ticket 4655

Chis, Munich.

What files are / /root

Persistance API

Appears to be an artefact of JPA.

Timur mentioned that TopLink? has been deprecated.

If it turns out that TopLink? has been deprecated and eclipseLink is the new.

Owen: please don't change CWD when starting up SRM.

Timur to investigate.

Review of outstanding RB requests


Vladimir waiting on PNFS 64-bit.

Timur is waiting on Srm Stats.


Patrick attr doc updates.

Migration looks for checksum.

Alex ask if we can do a checksum verification before ...

Tools for finding bugs

Fix all findbug issues, fix all unit tests.

Doable until 1.9.5.

S2 test functionality: on demand test is broken. Kermit the frog cert is expired.

Fermilab willing to fix them? Don't think we'll have time.

Dmitry delete old spacemanager code.

Deleting can we delete old pin manager.

Timur to delete this.

1.9.3 bug

Funny files, already discussed.


Same time, next week.