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Patrick, Gerd, Paul, Dmitry

Munich have upgraded, but have now downgraded.

(aside: all German related to HGF are now running Chimera.)

  • 1.9.3-3 is OK.
  • 1.9.4-1 is broken (generates lots of records)
  • 1.9.4-2 is OK, but reacts badly to duplicates generated 1.9.4-1 generated

The cleaning up procedure (doesn't matter if SRM is running)

  1. psql -U postgres dcache
  2. DELETE FROM srmrequestcredentials;

Work needed:

"LIMIT 1" SQL is non-standard, so will limit the length in Java.


  1. Dmitry to commit fix for 1.9.1
  2. Paul to build RPMs
  3. Paul to test RPMs
  4. Paul to release RPMs.

Gerd is updating release notes for 1.9.4.