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Pnfs RPM Release

Vladimir and Owen work on this. Owen is now in charge. Compilation doesn't work yet. He didn't have enought time to work on this. We expect this to be done before next thrusday.

Outstanding SRM problems in 1.9.5

Deadlock is fixed. SRM bring online meltdown is fixed in all branches. We will release those end of the week if NDGF is running ok.

SRM client error message.

The SRM client is producing warnings. It's not clear to Dmitry why this happens suddenly. It seems to be the new jgobus library which produces this warning. The mail.jar seems to be used by the new jglobus. Dmtiry will put the new jglobus into the 1.9.4 and check if the message will show up there. If so Dmitry will talk to Timur. Otherwise he will do further investigation. Another possiblity would be a new log4j changes. Dmitry tries to apply the old log4j into 1.9.5 to check.

SRM changes in SRM trunk

  • Week after next week we will discuss when we will ajust the code to java 5 and possibly when we will get rid of 'say' 'esay'
  • There is the long standing warning about SRM_PATH when srmclient is started. Dmitry if going to fix this.

Status of work for 1.9.5, Preparation 1.9.5-3

  • Information provider doesn't publish the Tokens. This will be done very soon. We expect this before 1.9.5-3.
  • DCap movers won't die if the doors die unexpectedly. In active mode if client didn't connect to the pool yet. Tigrin is going to fix this soon.
  • Gerd : IN 1.9.5 we create the ALRP after finishing the transfer. It seems it's create on 'create' as well. Tigran is investigating.

Fix ReplicaManager to use new pool msgs

This is no longer an issue as we changed the PnfsManager. It is working ok on the h1 resilient manager at DESY.

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

Two open issues

  • 5157 Remove Transfer (IN2P3)
  • 4731 PinManager (PIC)

Sara SRM problem

Fixed in all releases.

Review of RB requests

Everybody seems to know what to do.

Other things

  • Owen is wondering if Vladimir tested the dcap kerberos. He will do this today.

1.9.6 Release

  • Date will be Dec 1
  • Depricated will be 1.9.3 as 1.9.4 is very close to this. (announcement).


Proposed: same time, next week.