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dCache Tier I meeting October 13, 2009

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, IN2P3(), Sara(Onno), Triumf(Simon), BNL(Pedro), NDGF(), PIC(Gerard), GridKa(), Fermi(), CERN(Andrea)


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Site reports


Everything is OK right now.

Just had an issue with the dead movers.

Just got a mail with solution with the timeout in PoolM

Movers handing in pools without clients connected.

Process lots of files.

Jobs timeout.

Timeout set as zero in dCache, so these.

Timeout of zero is OK (even a good idea) for dCache as WN jobs may open a file for many days.

Currently running 1.9.2-5

Committed a fix for this problem in 1.9.5, not released yet.

PIC will upgrade everything next week.

Will probably release include 1.9.5-3

The problem was that the dCap pool dies, it doesn't tell the pool that the mover isn't needed.


No issues for production

Simon reported that they are testing 1.9.5-2, especially the tape protection.


Things are fine here. Still suffering from hanging dcap movers, but already covered.

There was a patch for the SRM instability issue. The patch was committed by Gerd, in all branches. But so, far this has only been released in 1.9.5.

Are you planning to upgrade in the near future? Planning to upgrade to 1.9.4 soon. But, if there was a release for 1.9.3, then we would deploy it soon.

Planning on doing a week of testing with dCache before upgrading.

Release 1.9.3 tomorrow.

Why upgrade to 1.9.4 instead of 1.9.5? It's been installed on a number of sites where . Start testing 1.9.5


  • upgrading dCache to 1.9.4-3 (today)

This should be the last upgrade for the next 3 months.

Usual upgrade every 6 months. Maybe do minor upgrade if needed.

WRT the tape protection: we are going to protect the tape protection differently. Staging is still loading PNFS in "strange" ways. PNFS handles the load, but they are going to change this a bit. Anticipate issuing a dCache request when we're 90% -- 95% chance that the file is on disk.


Next Tuesday: 20 October 2009