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[part of a series of meetings]


Owen, Jan, Tigran, Tanja, Irina, Paul; Timur, Vejay, Dimtri


[see box to the side]

What is everyone doing?

Maximum of two minutes per person: what I did last week, what I am doing this week.


Holiday most of last week. Just about finished autotools repackage of dcap, just about to test on Solaris. CERN apologiesed for CERN releases going too slowly.


Two days being ill.

Started unit tests "project" to get unit tests all green. Continuing this for the next week.


Last week: a number of dCache releases.

Start to work on new mover. Get some movers to work, so working on tidying it up, removing code duplication, etc.

Maybe submit a couple of patches to implement NFS reply-cache


Have a very nice HTTP door. Work next week will be on the generic door: the HTTP stuff is in the exercise the generic interface.


Managing tickets.

Answering questions from users about SRM with ACLs: is it supported?

Some fixes to review board: fixing the bug with misspelling in one of the batch files.




Looking at Fermi dCache package 150 scripts they run for dCache. Start working on the scripts that use the underlying PNFS command.

Some of them I was able to run with Chimera .. the rest need dCache installed,

Made patches to enstore, in the process of getting


SRM prepare to put and prepare to get so we can use ACL handlers or just send the subject to PnfsManager so SRM authoriation are based

Working Transfers between between CERN and

A "transparent" upgrade to CASTOR broke their SRM server complients.

Continue working on the

Load balances between two FAPL servers.

Testing distributed SRM

Regular reminders about open RT tickets.

ACL CLI Interface

Since we now have ACL's we need a CLI so we can make the reference system set up by to set up the ACL's so that teh SAM tests pass as in bug.

Tigran: how will the user change the ACLs?

Users can do it with SRM and NFS.4

Impossible to set "default ACL": how do

I know this from the defined by user-map role.

By default, this maps all users to

Tigran: default ACL is pretty hard to understand what it means.

At the moment, the default dCache configure sets a different uid gid for each role,group combination.

Default shouldn't

ACL about users not about site-admin.

Sites with the group-IDs

Can do this via admin.

Jython? NO!

Owen: I can't use the admin interface ..

Status of work for 1.9.5

A (quick?) review of activity needed for the 1.9.5-9 release.

Change in SRM client. One built into the server not expecting the response SRM_PARTIAL_SUCCESS. This is valid if some of a transfer, succeeds. Change is committed.

Testing update from 1.7.0 to 1.9.5. Found PnfsManager was crashing with seg-fault. After enabling dbug logging. Init. information. After Tigran looked at it he said that certain options. This crash is a bug in 1.9.5. Would be nice if this was fixed in 1.9.5

Tigran: this is probably was it was trying to initialised itself as a CacheLocation?, so should be fixed.

TIgran's creating a trac ticket for this.

Tigran: there was a test was failing today; once this is fixed we can release.

Status of work for 1.9.6

A (quick?) review of activity needed for the 1.9.6 release

ACL checks for SRM

Webdav support

Fast list for SRM

Terracotta for SRM

Single port xrootd mover

Easy domain composition

HSM cleaner for Chimera

Release of PNFS RPM

It has been released: two

Need SL5/64-bit repository: it's available in YUM.

Owen to copy this RPM to download page.

Owen: have you tested the migration 32-bit to 64-bit? Yes.

64-bit PNFS, 32-bit dbserver 32-bit PNFS and 64-bit dbserver

Timur: we will support this.

Issues from yesterday's Tier-1 meeting

FZK still getting some hanging dcap movers

BNL reported that they want to know in which releases will certain fixes will be available (SRM fail internally with role mismatch and RT#5202).

Pedro also flagged a couple of other RT tickets: pin-manager removing pins RT#5196 and -allow-relay option missing from gridftpdoorSetup RT#5173

Outstanding RT Tickets

[This is an auto-generated item. Don't add items here directly]

RT 2285: unchecked null pointer reference in Cost Module

Close ticket: unsupported version of dCache.

RT 4681: GridFTP server throws voms validation message with no details

Ticket to bet assigned to Timur

RT 5257: Setting lost when upgrading from 19.2-9 to 1.9.5-6

Users are using VDT, so problem looks like it is with VDT.

Does VDT supply a script that generates and maintains dCacheSetup file?

Ticket to be assigned to Owen. Owen to ask more questions.

RT 5265: "EOF on input socket (fillBuffer)" error on dcap door .9.5-6

Tigran: if client disconnects then the pool get an "unexpected EOF" message.

Assign to Tigran to fix.

RT 5272: pool selection unit favoring a single pool

Paul to investigated.

If they have pre-1.9.3

RT 5273: Pool in read-only mode

Tigran to write a unit-test to recreate the problem.

Outstanding RT Tickets discussed during the previous meeting

No progress on the tickets #4671, #5072, #5075.
Tickets in progress: #5064, #5189, #5196.

Review of RB requests

dcap, book, SVN

With the forthcoming patch dcap will have full autotools. There will be a motivation of moving dcap outside of dCache.

Benefit of putting book in dCache tree.

Put book into dCache SVN tree: e.g., modules/book. Yes.

Do we want to move dcap in a separate repository? We can, but it's a low priority.

Mervin only works with repository: local or central.


Same time, next week.