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dCache Tier I meeting December 8, 2009

[part of a series of meetings]


Meeting was cancelled.


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Site reports

All of the following site reports were received via email:


  • we have an issue with some cases where a space reservation is not deleted after the transfer has been aborted (probably by FTS). In this case, the client which tries to rewrite the file gets an error: "Marking Space as Being Used failed =>Already have 1 record(s) with pnfsPath=/pnfs/...". This has been fixed by an automatic clean of such reservations
  • LHCb has temporary issues with gsidcap. The same issue was found at SARA and Ron discovered that it could come from a low-level SSL library. We have no fix yet.
  • We plan to upgrade core services + doors from 1.9.5-6 to 1.9.5-10 beginning of January.

Support tickets for discussion

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Same time, next week.