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dCache Tier I meeting February 9, 2010

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Gerd, Paul, Tigran, Owen), Triumf(Simon), NDGF(Gerd)


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Site reports


There's nothing new from last week.

We are planning (and anticipating) a Chimera upgrade. This should take place next Monday.

A question for Simon: did you have a chance to look into CA problem? The plan was to change the time of the CA CRLs are upgraded, to avoid updates during the night. If the SRM problems are also delayed so that they don't occur during the night then this would suggest the CRL updates are a potential cause.

This hasn't happened because there wasn't any significant time correlation between CRL updates and the problem appearing.

The SAM tests run every few hours. The observations suggest that there are several SAM tests that succeed after the CRL update before a test fails.

The problem happens about once a week; more precisely, every five days.


Gerd reported that NDGF have found a stuck cleaner. The problem seems to be one that is already understood and a patch for this is imminent. Gerd will upgrade NDGF to include this patch.

Last Sunday morning the SRM appeared to stall for 15--20 minutes. The symptom was that the Nagios probe was unable to do an SRM transfer; however, it was able to do GridFTP transfers at around the same time. The SRM appeared to recover by itself.

Another issue is that site-admins have reported that, once an hour, a pool node has high load. The pool has a decrease in throughput for that period (as seen by the network stats). This continues for some 20-minutes before recovering. The site admin says that the load is coming from the Java process.

NDGF are currently running the HEAD of 1.9.6.


(via email)

From GridKa we do not have any issues today.

The Atlas chimera migration went completely without any problems,
thank you and the dCache team for helping us to prepare this migration.

Support tickets for discussion

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Same time, next week.