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[part of a series of meetings]


Owen, Paul, Tigran, Patrick, Tanya, Irina, Ante; Timur, Vejay, Dmitry; Gerd, Tomas



Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions:

  • What I did last week (since the last meeting),
  • What I plan to do in the next week.

No questions until we get through everyone :)

Owen: ETIC: builds done, certification is the next step.

Tigran: making up numbers for Patrick.

Paul: Fixing bugs, trying to get book into trunk.

Antje: Trying to learn things about dCache (not running away yet)

Patrick: preparing HEPIX talk for Monday. New dcap, called "dcap++". We have very surprising results; talk is available from dCache website. Also been working on the EMI project.

Irina: working on tape-protection issue 1.9.5-17. Got available space -ve from an upgrade from 1.9.5-16 to -17. Couldn't reproduce the problem .. waiting for more input from user. Extending functionality for tape protection: adding support for auth. via storage-unit.

Tanja: bothering developers with tickets; spring cleaning of RT to get rid of cruft.

Gerd: working on trying to find the problem at BNL with active adapter; not particularly todo with GridFTP 2, but this exposed a timing issue. Waiting for feedback from Lock support for WebDAV, needed by Macs to write to dCache.

Tomas: taught the ways of dCache and xrootd.

Vijay: Started working on Jan's instructions on using wicket with dCache. Got hello-world to work, but was struggling to get dCache on trunk working. Done fixing a few patches for enstore that were submitted to Review-Board. Making the documentation on the PNFS work.

Timur: Off one day .. writing up plans for Fermi dCache team. Now writing the tactical plan.

Dmitry: submitted ReviewBoard .. moving RegExp --> Globbing space-manager authorisation support; PIC support for recovering from database corruption / recovery. If testing goings OK then PIC will go into down-time to apply the fix on the live database. For the 4% files missing: don't know why this is happening yet. The file is removed from space-token: only if the expiration of the space-token or removal of file in namespace. Perhaps written to a pool outside of a linkgroup.

Plans for patch-releases

Should we make a new patch release?

Need to add link to PoolCollector page in the HTML. Paul to update the patch to make PoolCollector enabled by default, but to keep the option to disable it.

Gerd said we should consider delaying the release (for a few days) until we get a reply from Pedro about the ActiveAdaptor fix.

Trunk activity

Progress with new features...

1.9.8 release

According to the graph, 1.9.8-1 release is scheduled for 1st May, although there's not that much happened in 1.9.8.

Here is a list of the interesting stuff that Gerd found

  • better integration of xrootd in the active transfers list in the web interface
  • threading updates .. but it's unclear if this will be user observable.
  • PoolManager.conf is replaced by a new one which is empty. This sparked off a discussion (see below)
  • topocell now supports JMS, helps info service and GUI
  • Chimera/PoolManager? no longer needs the OSMTemplate tag set.
  • We now have a "(forbidden)" property annotation.
  • Terracotta support for Jetty.
  • Complete authorisation record to space-manager (although this was committed to all branches)
  • Proxy mode for GET in WebDAV door
  • Xrootd door more flexible about authorisation of read- and write- requests.
  • Fixed authorisation of write operations: previously allowed if the POSIX user-write bit is set. Now, anonymous user is mapped to some Subject (ROOT, NOBODY, or someone else) and the write operation is authorised against that user.
  • ActiveAdapter is now available in GridFTP door.

What to do about PoolManager.conf

There was some discussion about the problem with PoolManager.conf. This configuration file was not shipped as part of dCache but is needed. When a trunk RPM is installed, a site's existing PoolManager.conf file is moved to PoolManager.conf.rpmsave and the packaged (empty) PoolManager.conf file is installed. This is disruptive and undesirable.

The solution is to use the RPM pre- and post- install scripts to attempt to migrate the PoolManager.conf file; for example, renaming the existing PoolManager.conf as PoolManager.conf.dCache-save and using the post-install script to rename it back.

As Owen pointed out, people might install the RPM with noscripts option, disabling the post-install scripts. We should add a safe-guard in the init scripts to check for installations that have both PoolManager.conf and PoolManager.conf.rpmsave. If this inconsistency is found, it could refuse to start.

New features not yet in trunk

Timur asked about getting some new features into Trunk before the cut. This is the pool compatibility issue and the VOAuthorisation using globs.

We agreed that new features need to be in by Monday 26th (night-time) to allow Tigran to cut 1.9.8 branch on Tuesday 27th and start testing.

Support for 1.9.6

With the anticipated release of 1.9.8-1 (1st May) support for the 1.9.5-series would be dropped, if that branch was not declared to be "golden".

Since we will not be dropping support for the 1.9.5-series, should we drop support for 1.9.6-series?

No. we want to support branches for a reasonable time. So, we will support 1.9.6-series until 1st July when we plan to release 1.9.9. This is as shown in the support time-line.

Path until we decide on JMS

Plans at DESY to switch to JMS? Need to find some advantages to "sell it" to local site-admins.

Some immediate ideas

  1. one can create communication channel independent of dCache: communication between dCache components will be independent of the dCacheDomain.
  2. support for redundant / fail-over communication
  3. supports encrypted communication

The available features depend on the message infrastructure that implements JMS. The above list is from ActiveMQ.

The likely candidate for deploying JMS would be a dCache instance with a single dCap door, one PoolManager, one PnfsManager and a hundred pools.

Patrick will discuss this with DESY sys-admins (during the DOT meeting tomorrow) to see how this can be deployed.

Instruction on how to run dCache without dCacheSetup file

Vejay mentioned his difficulty in getting Trunk up and running; mostly due to a lack of documentation.

Currently the release notes for 1.9.7 are the best description of how to configure a 1.9.7 (or later) dCache instance.

How do we get this into the book

The automatic schema update for Chimera is not going into 1.9.8; so we need to update the book.

Paul will create branches in the dCache Book SVN for "1.9.5" (for 1.9.5 and 1.9.6), "1.9.7", and "trunk".

dcap ls

Wasn't broken in 1.9.0 but broken since 1.9.1. It's a server problem: dirDomain isn't working.

Owen says it's definitely broken in Chimera, but believe it is both.

Irina to look into this; Owen to provide information.

Issues from yesterday's Tier-1 meeting

Patrick gave a brief summary: see wiki page for details.

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests



Next meeting will be next Monday to talk about the Køpenhavn meeting. Tentative time for this is 09:30 CDT, 16:30 CEST on Monday.

Next regular dCache team meeting is Wednesday 28th April.