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    55= Participants = 
     7Owen, Jan, Paul, Tigran, Irina, Antje, Tanja, Thomas, Timur 
    99= Agenda = 
    1919No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     21Jan: Working on web-admin 
     23Paul: gPlazma, tickets 
     25Tigran: nothing special 
     27Irina:  working with ACL srm ticket; tape protection issues reported by PIC 
     29Antja: Tickets, better ways of following the tickets; QA 
     31Tanja: tickets, NFS learning 4.1 and implementing "stuff" 
     33Thomas: Wandering sub-actic swamps in Sweden. 
     35Timur: Most of time working on gPlazma :-) 
     37Owen: glue between site-layout and site-info.def MVCs.  Currently trying to get certificate testbed suites in LCG data-management tools working.  Copying with final issues with migration of server consolidation using Xen. 
    2140= Plans for patch-releases = 
    2342Should we make a new patch release? 
     44== Tape protections for 1.9.5 == 
     48== Billing == 
     50CDF experiment want to better leverage information from the billing database.  Records in different ...  Currently impossible to tell which transfer triggers activity in !PoolManager. 
     52BillingInfo table stores information from pools. 
     54DoorInfo about requests. 
     56StorageInfo which is stores and restores from tape:  info actually comes from pools. 
     58Users want to know which door triggers staging of file from tape. 
     60Staging is triggered internally in the state-machine, not by  
     62PoolManager would need to be changed so the state machine entry would keep track of which request it is handling. 
    2564= Trunk activity = 
    2766Progress with new features... 
     68== gPlazma == 
     70Timur: implemented strategies. 
     72gPlazma library itself and second is the cell. 
     74PluginLoader is now written. 
     76Current TRUNK gPlazma continue to work. 
     78What plugins are needed? 
     80Tigran has a NIS server plugin, but it needs some work.  Supports map and reverse-map but implementation is ugly so not on !ReviewBoard yet. 
     82Need the create-new-UID although this requires additional infrastruction: the map and reverse-map calls to gPlazma. 
     84We can create a dCache setup that has unique IDs for user with current support; therefore we should first add support for map and reverse-map calls and update components to use them. 
     86== 1.9.9 release process == 
     8815th of June is cutoff for patches going into 1.9.9. 
     90== extension to layouts == 
     92When doing automatic configuration of dCache cluster.  There's an issue commenting out a service or a domain, due to not having an end-of-block marker. 
     94Noone objects to including an "enabled" property to disable a service; although it was felt that this is a move away from the idea of services is enabled by being defined.  
     96nothing can be fixed for 1.9.9 
     98Further discussion on whether to switch to a different format. 
    29100= Issues from [wiki:developers-meeting-20100608 yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
    31102== PIC == 
    33 Tape protection issue 
     104Tape protection issue: fixed with 1.9.5-20rc2 
    35106== FZK == 
    56127= DTNM = 
    58 Proposed: same time, next week. 
     129Same time, next week.