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[part of a series of meetings]


Timur, Tao, Patrick; Tanja, Jan, Paul, Tigran, Owen, Antje, Irina; Thomas


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Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions:

  • What I did last week (since the last meeting),
  • What I plan to do in the next week.

No questions until we get through everyone :)

Patrick: Beren to OGF and Timur, Jens about future of SRM specification. Interesting what EMI intends to do here. Pushing EMI work towards Antje.

Tao: 50% of time working on dCache Batick --> PNG or JPG. Continue workign on this and getting the database interaction working.

Dmitry: working on tickets, helping Tao. Switching to working mostly on enstore-Chimera integration. Attending OGF conference.

Timur: wrote 1st version of gPlazma main class that has the login message implemented. PLEASE REVIEW. Working through the list of tickets from Antje. Attending OGF conference.

Tanja: working on tickets, and pool and NFS 4.1 stuff.

Jan: "Finished" gPlazma plugin. Will likely need work in the future. Worked on web-admin. Sent a link on team list. In trunk there's some working code that can be set up.

Paul: the usual.

Tigran: last week on NFS testing. This week, started testing 1.9.9. Not so positive results so far.

Owen: Test suites (from CERN) understood. Hudson-related stuff. Also working on new dCacheConfigure. Fixing dcap.

Antje: thinking about QA, EMI. Tickets .. stuff. Statistics on tickets.

Irina: working on dCache book. Adding a stage protection chapter for the book.

Thomas: working on the dCache book. Update the install section of 1.9.7 (and later). Fixed other disturbing parts of the book. Currently trying to change xrootd mover to use not one port and thread per connection. Working on understanding dCache better.

Plans for patch-releases

Should we make a new patch release?

Direct 1.9.8-nn and skip 1.9.7 for now.

Current testing 1.9.7 HEAD. Tigran to finish off testing 1.9.7 then test 1.9.8-HEAD.

Paul: send an enquiry email if someone is running a non-golden on production for testing purposes.

Next Tuesday: ask what they are testing.

Paul: send email to ask what people are testing in Tier-1 centres.

Oleg tried 1.9.6-? because he wanted to try WebDAV, but the webdav clients were broken.

Trunk activity

Progress with new features...


Come back to discussion on what would be considered condition for one particular plugin within a set of plugins.

When we do verification of correctness.

Consider absence of exception ==> success,

presence of exception ==> failure,

Propose we add a special kind of plugin: or strategy. Gets login reply as an argument and can fail the login before we reply.

Root and home

These appear in two places: commons and gPlazma.

The ones in common cannot be used in gPlazma, so should be deleted.

gPlazma class

Please review Timur's patch.

SRM deadlocks

Timur not had a chance to look at this yet.

Seems to affect 1.9.6 ... 1.9.9 and Trunk.

Not a problem with 1.9.5 because that branch doesn't have synchronisation there --> comes from Terracotta patches.

Timur to look into this.

Debian packages

Do we want to have "real" Debian packages.

Proper dependency management.

Owen: when we put dependencies into RPM we got many problems with sites.

deb-config-common: for example, automatically set up database. dCacheConfigure written to make this easy.

How best to split dCache? Do we want dcache-pool, dcache-srm, dcache-??

In the past it was dCache-core, dCache-srm, etc. But now everything depends on globas code, so splitting it would only be config. files.

How complex is the process?

gLite ported to Debian? No, not completely yet.

Tigran: if you do that, fine with me.

Thomas: I've done this before, so it shouldn't be too much effort.

One idea is to have packages that do configuration for a particular usage: dcache-pool would configure dCache for a pool.

Maybe it doesn't make sense if no one will use.

Please are increasingly using Debian for workstation / laptop machines. This may be the place where people would be testing dCache for the first time.

Thomas to do a proof-of-concept version.


Three methods put in the mailing list: AbortRequest?, GetSpaceMetadata?, GetSpaceTokens?.

After Tigrans patch (on the last two). It seems that these look like bugs in the test-suite.

Tigrans patch for AbortRequest? fixes ...

Timur will look at material that

SRM returns SRM_SUCCESS. Test expected SRM_ABORTED, so the test fails. Spec says SRM_SUCCESS is the correct response, so the test is wrong.

Owen is testing 1.9.5-19

Ron reported that SRM reservations failed for non-VOMS proxy (RT ticket #). Could you try without a VOMS-proxy?

Yesterday, Gerard confirms that 1.9.5-20rc2 works for him.

Plea to Owen: please check whether one can reserve space with non-VOMS proxy.

Patch on review to fix problem reported by

Latest official S2 as RPM from Flavia (2 years old).

Old tar-ball, which is installed on lucan, where the tests pass.

The main point is that no one is maintaining S2. Officially supported by CERN/WLCG, but Patrick needs to confirm that this is still the case.

A favour


There is a conversation between Evano and Xavia on "one pool running amok". They're talking about setting the number of ?? to a ridiculous high number.

Paul's description on Chimera's filesystem loop. Please tidy up and email this to dCache-forum.

dCache configure

Just to update people: there's a new wrapper around dCache configure so we can write modules to configure dCache in Python BASH.

A little bit annoying that commenting out and uncommenting services in the layout file is awkward.

Owen: propose Yaml or adding a single keyword to enable/disable a service.

Golden Release #2


Issues from Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests


Proposed: same time, next week.