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[part of a series of meetings]


Thomas, Gerd, Tanja, Jan, Tigran, Patrick, Dmitry and for the last time Timur.


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Jan : Participating EMI meetings; trying to get started with the space token web page. Tigran : Merged NFS code which was pending. now 1.9.9-2 will be released. instead of Antje. Tanja: Tickets and preparation for the baketon. Dmitry: worked on script for leslie (canada) helping recovering spaces. preparation for the OSG meeting presentation. Timur: Lots of tickets. Working on the design for horizontal scaling of the SRM using internal messaging. Investigation without teracotta lock very good. See below. One more thing for the future : writing the paper for chep. Thomas : Worked on host certifates refresh; debian compliant dcache package; refactoring of the http mover. (still ongoing). Gerd : in the subway. Worked on the pool. improved expression language ; pool r/o on startup;merged trunk in ndgf branch.

Results of Timurs tests : chimera is 3 times faster than pnfs. Running 4 SRM servers w/o teracotte. Clients have been partitioned to run against particular servers. Achived rate is about 200Hz. We can now have multiple SRM endpoints if we can make sure that clients are only talking to a particular SRM endpoint.

Plans for patch-releases

Should we make a new patch release? 1.9.9-2 very soon. Passed tests. Will start multi client tests today and will be released friday(very likely). after that .8 and .7. End of the month we will depricate .7 and start with .10.

We need to send e-mail to user forum. With latest gLite upgrade, x509 proxies are not longer accepted starting with dCache 1.9.3. We still need to check.

17.9 branch for 1.9.10.

Trunk activity

Progress with new features... Thomas : http improvements : ongoing. Gerd : r/o on startup (of pool); will work on this tomorrow. Will be tested at NDGF before next 1.9.10 is released. DESY will do testing as well. Jan : new web pages is currently extended by space management. Need a way to start jan's stuff without login.

Issues from yesterday's Tier-1 meeting

The have been no issues reported. gridKa, Nothern Europe, PIC and CERN are doing well.

Outstanding RT Tickets

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RT 5572: Re: SRM dCache needs restart after lcg-CA update?!?

Thomas : fixed for SRM. Problem was that peopole had to restart SRM to read trusted certs. new asynch connector (SRM) re-reads CA and Host certificates in intervals. Will be in 1.9.10 (if review in time). Although we don't understand, because the context is initiated per connection, even dcap and ftp seem to remember the CA's and the host certificates. It seems that globus keeps the ca's. Tigran will investigate.

RT 5796: feature request: crc onflush

Patch is available. Is reviewed. Will be committed tomorrow. Currenlty only planed 1.9.10. Tigran will doublecheck with Dmitry. Won't go into 1.9.5.

RT 5797: feature request: reload of certificates

Already discussed. Doesn't only affect the SRM door. Dima refers to dCap doors.

RT 5824: One hot file access case

If needed only the CA certs would be back ported to 1.9.5. Patch would have to be split in pieces.

RT 5825: race condition problem

Dmitry is working. Need to have determinitic matching of correct link-group. (most resticted one)

Review of RB requests

Asynchronous connector : Tigran has to send 'ship it' and will do. Debian patch needs to be 'ship it'. Gerd is talking to Thomas tomorrow. The chimera debian part needs to be done with Tigran and Gerd.

Policy : we build Debian packages. Licence has to be defined for official debian repositry. Dependencies are not clear.

Pauls patch : requires ant 1.7.1 (which is available in officials versions not yet in SL5)

Wishing Timur and his three girls all the best for the future.


Proposed: same time, next week.