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[part of a series of meetings]


Antje, Patrick, Paul, Owen, Jan, Karsten, Christian


  • dCacheBook
  • Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Ticket Platform

General Remarks


  • book flights via Ulricke (reimbursement is otherwise not sure)
  • put DESY in address block every invoice for reimbursement

Discussion results

  • dCache book:

--> needs to be perfected to the stage that installing dCache works
--> put FAQ in the back of the dCache book
--> structure of the book should stay the same for now not to distract from content changes

  • after book is perfected:

--> introduce commenting to the webpage for user feedback
--> Paul: can be realized using, no server changes or hosting on our side
--> two version of the online dCache book should present (with comments, without)
--> checkpoints should be injected into the book to ensure that steps were completed successfully

*New queue in request tracker
--> documenting needs for changes in the dCache book
--> ticket should be opened:

  • when comments are made on the web page
  • when developer changes code that has effect on descriptions in the book

Things to be discussed in next meeting

  • legal issues with comments and protection against spam
  • exact process for ticket creation and resolving tickets; Who will be responsible for answering tickets? making changes in docs?
  • documenting code changes that have impact on dCache book, how? (Paul: changes are supposed to be mentioned in the release notes, nobody seems to be aware of this)
  • structural changes in wiki?
  • Karsten: template structuring book, avoiding rewriting afterwards
  • Gathering dCache documentation sites --> created new page in wiki, DocuPool


Thursday 14:00, Room 632 (Building 2b)