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dCache Tier I meeting December 14, 2010

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Antje, Paul), Triumf(Simon), PIC(Mike), GridKa(Doris)


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Site reports


No problems at PIC.

PIC are planning on migrating their PNFS server to new hardware. This isn't due to performance problems but due to the current hardware running out of maintenance.


Doris had nothing to report.

There was one ticket about a problem with dccp on the mounted filesystem. A support ticket has been created for this.


Simon reported that everything is OK, but he had a couple of questions.

Java version

Simon asked what is the recommended version of Java?

The simple answer is "the latest".

Certainly v1.6 (or "v6").

We (DESY) recently discovered some problems with Java v1.6.0_16 that were fixed with upgrading to v1.6.0_22. We know there are issues with NIO that are fixed with 1.6.0_18.

RHEL currently ship with 1.6.0_22 and the latest available from Java webpage directly is (currently) 1.6.0_23.

Simon mentioned that they are using both IBM Java and Sun Java at Triumf.

Newer releases

Simon asked if anyone has experience with 1.9.9 or 1.9.10?

Paul reported that DESY are using 1.9.10 for their CMS instance: we upgraded a couple of weeks ago. There were a few very minor problems on upgrading, but these have been fixed.

Paul also mentioned the current support plan for "feature releases" (releases that are not "Golden releases"), which is shown graphically here.

Support tickets for discussion

[Items are added here automagically]


Next meeting in the new year: 4th January.