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    55= Participants = 
     6Paul, Christian, Patrick, Karsten, Al, Tigran, Gerd, Dmitry 
    1919No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     21Paul: Setting up infrastructure for 2.8 branch.  
     22Working on presentation. 
     24Christian: Key based login on pcells, created a release 2.0.1. Preparation for Taipeh WS. 
     28Patrick: DESY is still evaluation dOwnCloud. It is too urgent to offer a pure dCache. 
     29For now we are using OwnCloud as a frontend for sharing and syncing.  
     30Lot of other things. 
     32Al: Fixed a regression in webadmin and worked on the bring online. The question now is, how to pass information into this so the masking works correctly. 
     33It may require some API changes. 
     34ReplicaManager. Moving over to Sping JDBC. 
     36Tigran: Completely busy with OwnCloud. Target is to have real users to own files instead of owncloud. 
     37Found a performance problem in dcap. 
     39Gerd: Very busy upgrading to 2.8 at NDGF. It is working now after fixing the EPSV issue. 
     41Dmitry: DataPreservation: Setting up a dCache instance for this. Debugged transatlantic transfers. There were some performance issues that could be addresses 
     42using PoolManager tweaks. 
     43Discussed ReplicaManager and bringonline with Al. There is still some work going on. 
     44Tried to get IN2P3 to work. 
    2147= Plans for patch-releases = 
    2349Should we make a new patch release? 
     51We are planning to do a round of releases next Tuesday (2.2., 2.6., 2.7, 2.8) 
     53Will discuss next Golden Release next week. 
    2555= Workshop Preparation = 
    2656Input on topics 
    28 = XrootD = 
    29 (Gerd) 
     58Please answer the doodle poll from Christian, so we can schedule a meeting to collect needed topics. 
    3160= Trunk activity = 
    3362Progress with new features... 
     64== IPv6 == 
     65It looks like the spec of EPSV needs extension to support redirection like PASV did. We will put together a list of things we  
     66need and then include CERN in the process to get this in the spec. 
     68Paul: Would it make sense to talk to the RFC people to convince them that the MUST concerning clients to use EPSV should rather 
     69be SHOULD or MAY. 
     71Gerd: Wouldn't it be better to get the GridFTP2 people to create an extension that solves the issue. 
     73Tigran: We should be able to present a server/client combination with the changes that works to push them into the RFC. 
    3575= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     76Xavier attendet. Things are looking fine.  
     77There are 3 tickets. One seems to be solved. 
     78There is one where a pool gets unresponsive. It seems the pool received a lot of set sticky messages that caused slow down. 
     79This needs a little more investigation.  
     80Third, the "mover ls" seems to be not properly documented. This may be solved by a patch by Gerd. 
    3783= Issues from EMI = 
     84put 2.2.24 and 2.6.17 in AppDB 
    3987= New or noteworthy = 
     88D0 Zero is adopting dCache as their storage. 
     89NDGF deployed 2.8 
    4191= Outstanding RT Tickets =