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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     6Christian, Karsten, Paul, Al, Gerd, Tigran 
     9= Agenda = 
     11[see box on the right-hand side] 
     13= Postcards = 
     15Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions: 
     16 *  What I did last week (since the last meeting), 
     17 *  What I plan to do in the next week. 
     19No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     21Karsten: SmallFiles, dividing the functionality into three scripts, improved logging, ran more tests 
     22Christian: pcells release, we could now take ssh1 out of dcache, Taipei preparation 
     23Paul: Federated Identity, setting up IdP at DESY, talking with Jana to get her changes into RB.  
     24- There is a new proposal from CERN concerning 3rd Party copy wth gridftp, which looks promising (s.b.) 
     25- a little bit of interaction with EGI about cloud computing, helping out 
     26- writing some code in ftp 
     27- reviewing Gerd's patches 
     28Al: ReplicaManager, toyed around with admin commands, still some discussion with Dmitry is needed 
     29- There was an issue in one of tickets with authentication, will look into that asap 
     30Gerd: Worked on the TURL patch, tested and updated it, reviews,  
     31Tigran: Found a workaround  for a problem Xavier has. This weeks, trying to fix 
     32a problem with NFS at DESY, still working on this. 
     34= Plans for patch-releases = 
     36Should we make a new patch release? 
     382.8.1, 2.6.7, 2.2.xx, are out yesterday, but there is already another patch waiting at least for 2.8. 
     39The plan is to do the next release as regular next Tuesday. 
     41= Trunk activity = 
     43Progress with new features... 
     45== 3rd party copy == 
     47Paul: In oauth1 the  
     48      oauth2 fully relies on the integrity of the ssl/tls. if that is compromised, the security is broken. 
     51= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     53= Issues from EMI = 
     56= New or noteworthy = 
     58= Outstanding RT Tickets = 
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     62= Review of RB requests = 
     64= DTNM = 
     66Proposed: same time, next week.