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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     6Gerd, Tigran, Karsten, Al, Christian, Paul 
     9= Agenda = 
     11[see box on the right-hand side] 
     13= Postcards = 
     15Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions: 
     16 *  What I did last week (since the last meeting), 
     17 *  What I plan to do in the next week. 
     19No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     21Karsten: Working on scaling out SmallFiles handling onto several databases and machines 
     23Christian: Worked on BugReporting, will post patch very soon. 
     24           Started preparing GridKA School Hands-On 
     25           Worked on dCache Workshop preparation 
     26           Started looking into CN verification issue (CN's containing ",") 
     27    Tigran: jGlobus 
     28    Paul  : Cream are using jGlobus, too 
     30Tigran: Spend some time helping Leonie to work on ownCLoud client for syncing. Now she is 
     31        refactoring and making things pretty. 
     32        Still working on NFS issues. It is almost ready for 2.9. 
     33        Today DESY upgraded Atlas instance to 2.8.3, one problem we has was 
     34        restoring billing dump, taking a long time (3h). 
     35        - Modified ownCloud so that it doesn't mix its own special files with data files. 
     37Paul: Was down in Jülich for LSDMA meeting, meeting potential customers from different sites in Germany.  
     38      Tried to get Solaris builds to work for 2.8, 2.9. One problem was with Solaris patch command differing from Linux'. 
     39      Did releases. 
     40      Setting up a SAML IdP at DESY 
     41      CDMI work with Jana. There will be an updated version next week 
     42      Worked on 3rd party copy. Currently working on the SRM Copy. 
     44Gerd: Spend most time on installing new machines. Migrating the DB now takes about 2h. 
     45      Committed patch to RB. Trying to finish it in the next time. 
     46      Found Issue with FTP and IPv6. Client determine how door and pools communicate. 
     48Al: Made progress on Replica Manager Prototype. There is one feature still missing, which is 
     49    to have options to configure the migration module. 
     50    Also discovered that the Alarm page has issues concering deleting items. Will investigate 
     51    after ReplicaManager work. 
     53= Plans for patch-releases = 
     55Should we make a new patch release? 
     582.8.3, 2.7.9, 2.6.24 are just out. 
     60Not sure yet, if to backport the NFS to 2.6 
     61Tigran: Would like to have confirmation from Dmitry that NStore issue is solved before merging this. 
     63All other plans are according to the usual schedule. 
     65Paul: Will send date for 2.9 branch. 
     67== RB update == 
     68Tigran: There will be a new version with new features. The problem is that it is installed using easy_install 
     69which might break other things on the system. Also updating "the easy way" will lose our history.  
     71The new RB Tools are able to skip uncommited changes. 
     73== Documentation == 
     74The 2.8 documentation link is broken, because we have no 2.8 book. Paul to build it. 
     77= Trunk activity = 
     79Progress with new features... 
     81== OPTS CKSM == 
     82Paul: FTP+Globus Online. Do we want to fix the GridFTP "OPTS CKSM" command? 
     83Gerd: Does it currently work with this implementation with any client? 
     84Paul: Globus Online reuses the command in a different way, causing dCache to complain 
     85      about wrong usage. 
     86      Should we take the time to fix it according to the specs? 
     87Gerd: Does anything fail with globus online because of this? 
     88Paul: no.  
     90Will implement it supporting multiple checksums 
     92== Rewriting HSM callout == 
     94Paul: How complete is it? 
     95Gerd: It mostly misses cancelation support, other than that it is finished apart from testing 
     96Paul: Would it make sense to have another example template? 
     97Gerd: I am planning to have a java version of the hsmcp. Maybe also to have a Groovy scripting integration. 
     98      Would be nice to have an actual tape system. 
     99Paul: Could we the ship providers for several backends? 
     100Gerd: Yes, or ship them independently. 
     102== NFS checksum == 
     103Will change NFS to support checksums with blocks comming in out of order. Currently checksums are disabled 
     104in this case. 
     105The change will re-read the blocks from disk. 
     108= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     110Xavier: Everything looks fine. They are planning to upgrade to dCache 2.10 in last quarter of the year. 
     111        8284: concering pool statistics. It works fine for CMS, but is not usable for Atlas. 
     112        8130: SRM timeout problems for "SRM bring online" 
     113    Gerd: We see some similar log messages, too. Is this really a problem or is it only the messages 
     114    Paul: If they are not related to an actual problem, the messages should disappear. 
     116Organising future meetings at 2pm, hoping for more partizipants. 
     118= dCache Workshop = 
     120== Debugging Hands-On == 
     121Christian: There are many people registered for the Debugging Hands-On.  
     122Al: Preparation is on the top of the agenda as soon as Dmitry is back. 
     123Christian: Please let me know about hardware/vm requirements. 
     124Al: Will do. 
     126= New or noteworthy = 
     129= Outstanding RT Tickets = 
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     133= Review of RB requests = 
     136= DTNM = 
     138Proposed: same time, next week.