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dCache Tier I meeting April 15, 2013

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Tigran, Paul), CC-IN2P3(Yvan), NDGF(Gerd), KIT(Xavier)


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Site reports


Xavier reported that they are still trying to discover the cause of a networking problem. They currently believe the problem is due to something going wrong in their firewall. One possible cause of this is increased load due to xrootd clients believing their local storage has a problem and transferring the data they need from CERN; this places increased load on their firewall. However, this is not yet confirmed.

dCache is not involved with these issues and continues to function fine.

Xavier's most urgent ticket is 8130 (SRM reporting internal timeouts)

Ticket #8248: Xavier also reported that he has tried the SRM client Tigran provided for IPv6 testing and couldn't get it to work. He didn't know if this was because of an underlying problem or to do with how he has deployed the client.


Gerd reported that things are mostly good. They have one issue: gstat validator noticing that dCache doesn't publish GlueSAStateAvailableSpace for some storage areas (for space reservations). It isn't clear why this has suddenly started to be reported.

Paul reported that the validator complains about ControlProtocol being publish as 'srm' rather than 'SRM'.

But generally, dCache is running fine at NDGF.


Yvan had nothing special to report.

CC-IN2P3 are currently investigating NFS and Kerberos support with dCache. There is ticket 8269 asking for help in configuring dCache to work with their test KDC instance, which is somewhat problematic as the KDC is running on a different port.

Yvan also reported that they are having some problems with the 'krb5i' option. He wondered if there was documentation available for configuring NFS with Kerberos. Paul mentioned that this was described in the dCache Book (in a chapter called "configuring NFS v4.1 door with GSS-API support."), but there could be missing information. Yvan will ask Adrian to open a ticket to describe the problem so he can get support.

Support tickets for discussion

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Next Tier-1 meetings are:

Thursday 17th April at 16:00 CEST, 09:00 CDT, 10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT


Tuesday 22nd April at 14:00 CEST, 16:00 MSK