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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     6Karsten, Al, Dmitry, Paul, Christian 
     9= Agenda = 
     11[see box on the right-hand side] 
     13= Postcards = 
     15Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions: 
     16 *  What I did last week (since the last meeting), 
     17 *  What I plan to do in the next week. 
     19No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     21Karsten: Investigating a couple of tickets, some reviews 
     22Al: Working with Gerd on Memory Issue, still waiting for patch. Looks like we can continue using Webadmin with Wicket. 
     23    ReplicaManager. Will come up with DesignDocuments that are on the SRM Wiki. 
     24Dmitry: XACLM patch, discovered issue with upload directory, couple of tickets. 
     25Paul: Focussing on LSDMA demonstrator for next monday. This will get Globus online to work with federated Identity. 
     26      Looked at Lift-Framework and SAML, which could be useful for us at some point. 
     27      prepared a patch for view vs download of a file in the browser 
     28      working on release process 
     29      next round of releases will be next week monday 
     31= Plans for patch-releases = 
     33Should we make a new patch release? 
     35First we need to revert some patches and then  will releases next week. 
     37= Trunk activity = 
     39Progress with new features... 
     43= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     45Marc (PIC): Upgrade to 2.6.29 is ongoing. They haven't tested everything, but it looks to work nicely. 
     46            Before he had to change authzdb file, but that seems not to be neccessary anymore.. will investigate more.\ 
     48= Issues from EMI = 
     50= New or noteworthy = 
     52= Outstanding RT Tickets = 
     54[This is an [wiki:TicketActions auto-generated] item.  Don't add items here directly] 
     56= Review of RB requests = 
     586944: Paul to follow up on it. 
     60= SRM Client = 
     61Dmitry's patches are still worked on. Probably ready by next Wednesday. 
     63= DTNM = 
     65Proposed: same time, next week.